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The next installment of the Subtextures Series: Dubtextures 2. A relaxing mix of super deep, dubbed out sounds, textures, and vibes, with some deep melodies and chords and smooth transitions. Take a break from the turbulence and chaos. Thanks so much for listening and please drop a comment or a like and feel free to share if you like! 


1 JL (Original Mix) by Al Wootton
2 Kattegat (Ben Buitendijk Remix) by Ohm, Kvadrant
3 Scatter (Original Mix) by Lorenzo Josimar
4 Komorebi (Original Mix) by Deepcut
5 Basics 002 (Original Mix) by KAAP
6 Um1 (Original Mix) by tap chan
7 Geometrics (Original Mix) by Highdub
8 Grey Label (Original Mix) by Heavenchord
9 Nina (Original Mix) by Monomood
10 Wave 1 (Original Mix) by Nae:Tek
11 Interpersonal (Original Mix) by Nae:Tek, Deeperwalk
12 Selui (Original Mix) by Sciama
13 An Angles Line (Ancient Dub Satori Rmx) by Deeperwalk
14 Just the Shadow of the Shape (Max Zub Rmx) by Deeperwalk
15 Density (Original Mix) by Francisco Aguado
16 Ripple Marks Dub (Original Mix) by Mystica Tribe
17 Feedback (Original Mix) by R.Hz
18 Density (Original Mix) by Francisco Aguado
19 Just the Shadow of the Shape (Max Zub Rmx) by Deeperwalk
20 Sacred Geometry (Native Dog Rmx) by Isaac Highway
21 Wave Function (Original Mix) by Lorenzo Josimar
22 Dopis (Original Mix) by Twoman
23 Trip 1 (Original Mix) by Gradient
24 Idealizing (Original Mix) by Nae:Tek, Deeperwalk
25 Imagination, Kiddo (Original Mix) by Trackmaster Dre
26 Unknown Diver (Original Mix) by Riko Forinson
27 Sidechain (Original Mix) by Rhauder, Paul St. Hilaire




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