342 6 years ago
It’s my birthday this week and this is what went down on Bumpin’ with Beat Hussy on SugarShackRadio.com.  Catch me every other Tuesday night at 9p central!


1 Want Me [Guesthouse Music] by Jeff Service
2 Poppin’[Deepjacking Recordings] by Chicago Hustlers
3 Love Is Waiting [Farris Wheel Recordings] by John Hardin
4 Rushen Roulette [Farris Wheel Recordings] by DJ Mes
5 The Spotlight (Original Mix) [Kaizoku Beats Recordings (check Soundcloud for a promo download ;)] by An D. Atman
6 Over Me [Guesthouse Music] by South of Roosevelt
7 Show U How [Guesthouse Music] by DJ Mes
8 The Reason We Took It Underground (DJ Mes Town Business Mix) [Recovery House] by Studio Nova, DJ Mes
9 Flight School [Guesthouse Music] by DJ Mes, Charles Feelgood
10 Cherry Knockin [Promo] by Freaky Behaviour
11 Foxxy (Foxxy) [Dubsided] by Speaker Junk
12 Disco Dancer EP (RTHM Disco Trippin Remix)[Soul Fuel Recordings] by Giano
13 Wanna Do (LTD Edit) [Guesthouse Music] by DJ Mes, Sonny Fodera
14 Michigan Bank Roll (Single) [Tequila Trax] by Giano, Jonn Hawley
15 Fabulous (Funk Protectors Make it Loose Mix) [Reason2Funk] by HapKido
16 Hot Thing (Original Mix) [Emby] by Agent 818
17 Barha Jack (Original Mix) [Flapjack Records] by Greenbay Jackers


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