97 4 months ago

Brand spanking new promos, some back-catalog digging and soundcloud treasure hunting. All new to me, maybe you too?

The first two hours were broadcast on UndergroundKollektiv.co.uk 0300-0500 27 Mar 2022. This is the whole mix.

Much love,

Beat Hussy


1 Benja (Mixed) by Simas
2 Raw Road (Carlo Lio Remix) by Alex Dolby & Santos
3 Bees by Sébastien Léger
4 Irst_te (Christian Martin Mix) by Worthy
5 Pop That Kitty by Smith & Reckless
6 Slave's Revenge by CEV's
7 My Record by Ian Hart
8 Sweating On Moves (Original Mix) by Deljoi
9 Fool Me (Original Mix) by Jeff Service
10 Walk It Out (4Peace Jackstep Remix) by Chillin' Therapy
11 Losing My Mind by So & So
12 JU Babbel Net by B-JU
13 You Got The Stuff by CEV's
14 That Acid Track by Andy Compton
15 Daft (Original Mix) by A1 Bassline
16 (AI)odah [YNRJ Mix] by CEV's
17 1965 (Original Mix) by Hybridphonic
18 XLI (Original Mix) by CEV's
19 Autopilot by Ryan Truman
20 Umm Um by Ryan Truman
21 Watch This (Original Mix) by Jeff Service
22 NooSphere (Raw Mix) by CEV's
23 Appropriate Dress Required by CEV's
24 Fill Up by DJ Face Off
25 Bring It Back by Paccu ft Jend
26 Keep On Singin' by D.Rossini
27 The Experience (Original Mix) by CEV's
28 Dis My Mood by Kidder & Snapdragon
29 Brainzap by CEV's
30 DJango by Eric Volta
31 I Need You (Breach Mix) by DJ Cra$y
32 Noces Chymiques Original Mix by Cev's


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