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For your continued aural pleasure, please enjoy an hour of tracks by: 

Format:B, Green Velvet, Prok|Fitch, Andrew Dance, Flytrap, Justin Jay, Deeper Purpose, Eli Brown, Lonely, Rhoowax, NTFO, Alexkid, Yoshimoto, Trentemoller, Jonn Hawley, Born I Music, Trademarq, Marc Spence, Nick Terranova, Joeski, The Sisters Of Mercy, Dirty Funker, Peaches and Magic & Johnson

From the labels: 

Formatik, Relief, Great Stuff Recordings, CR2 Records, Resonance Records, Of Unsound Mind, La Pera Records, F Communications, SOUP, Classic Music Company, Toolroom, Tweekd Tunes, Milk & Sugar Recordings (and more).

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Much love,

Beat Hussy


1 Nitro Circus (Original Mix)[Formatik] by Format:B
2 La La Land (Prok|Fitch Sweet Sixteen Remix)[Relief] by Green Velvet
3 Techoose (Original Mix)[PPMUSIC UNLIMITED] by Andrew Dance
4 Narcosis (Original Mix)[Great Stuff Recordings] by Flytrap
5 Rain Dance[CR2 Records] by Justin Jay
6 The Flow (Original Mix)[Resonance Records] by Deeper Purpose
7 Got The Power[Of Unsound Mind] by Eli Brown
8 Temperature (Orginal Mix)[La Pera Records] by Lonely, Rhoowax
9 Adjective (Original Mix) by NTFO
10 Don't Hide It (Wink's Acid Pussy Interpretations)[F Communications] by Alexkid
11 Du what u du (Trentemoller Rmx) by Yoshimoto
12 Panties (Original Vocal Mix) [SOUP] by Jonn Hawley ft. Born I Music
13 Dirty Girlz (Lil Mark's Dirty Bum Sex Remix)[Classic Music Company] by Trademarq
14 Nasty (Original Mix)[Toolroom] by Marc Spence
15 Elektro Fuck (Tribal Fuck Mix)[Tweekd Tunes] by Nick Terranova
16 Kalimba (Original Mix) [Milk & Sugar Recordings] by Joeski
17 Alice (Dirty Funker vocal remix) by The Sisters Of Mercy
18 Fuck the Pain Away (Magic & Johnson Remix) by Peaches


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