277 6 years ago
I’m covering for DJ E-Roc for a minute and this is how it went this week.  It felt so good to play, I hope you enjoy it!  

Note: several of these tracks are free to download on Soundcloud.  If you like them, go get them while you can!

(recorded 20160530)


1 Mr Jonze (Chemars remix) [Sugar Shack Recordings] by Inland Knights
2 Wibbly Bibbly (Recess' Sunrise Mix) [Shameless Audio Promo Soundcloud] by Jon Cates
3 Good To Me (Fred Flite's Vocal) [Llama Farm Recordings] by Alfa Flite
4 I'm Gonna Get You (Greco Refix) [Promo Soundcloud] by Bizarre Inc
5 Lets Dance (Barber's 'Dance The Blues' Tribute) [Promo Soundcloud] by David Bowie
6 Knick Knack Patty Whack (LWM) [Grin Tech Promo Soundcloud] by Demarkus Lewis
7 You Used To Hold Me (Booty)[Promo Soundcloud] by Ted Nilsson, Stuart Ojelay
8 Samplaliciously Simple (Original Mix)[Sugar Shack Recordings] by Scott Morter
9 Promised Land [ITH Records] by Joe Smooth
10 Make 'Em Move [Guesthouse] by Rescue
11 To The Music [Promo] by Stuart Ojelay
12 Sunny D [Psycho Disco Records] by Treasure Fingers
13 I’m Alone Until You Show Me (Housego Remix)[Promo Soundcloud] by Paul Johnson
14 I’m My Own Walkman (Rescue Remix)[Guesthouse Music] by Paul Paredes, Scott Pace
15 If I Wanna [Guesthouse] by Jeff Service
16 I Love sax (Richie Kidd's Mc Luvin this Mix)[Promo] by Victor John Jr.
17 Pop Dont Stop [Guesthouse Music] by Jeff Service
18 Buttergutz [Llama Farm Recordings] by Brandon Black
19 Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Chuck Love's Mute Force Mix)[Om Records] by Colette
20 Happy feet (HJK) [Promo Soundcloud] by Jazzmopper J
21 Wanna Party [Drop Music] by Distant Funk
22 Slam Poet [Cabbie Hat Recordings] by Ed The Spread
23 Yo Mama (Original) [Greenhouse Recordings] by Marc Fairfield


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