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Niereich & Kraemer - Bang
The Hacker - Waves Of Darkness 
MoChiva - Dark Psychosis
Andrea Signore - Rebirth
Pleasurekraft - Tarantula 
Hell Driver - Retro Future 
Pleasurekraft - G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt) Part 2 ft. Casey Gerald
Andrea Signore - Illumination 
Jack Master - Bang the Box (Slam RMX)
Gaga & Mateo! - Dust (T78 RMX)
Deep Dimension - Technophobia 
Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Andrea Signore RMX)
Andrea Signore - Emotion 
Devid Dega & Dok & Martin - Devoted 
Roentgen Limiter - The Prophecy 
Konrad - Base One 
Pig & Dan - Push On
Durtysoxxx & Nihil Young - Dmt (Andrea Signore RMX)


1 Bang by Niereich & Kraemer
2 Waves Of Darkness by The Hacker
3 Dark Psychosis by MoChiva
4 Rebirth by Andrea Signore
5 Tarantula by Pleasurekraft
6 Retro Future by Hell Driver
7 G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt) Part 2 ft. Casey Gerald by Pleasurekraft
8 Illumination by Andrea Signore
9 Bang the Box (Slam RMX) by Jack Master
10 Dust (T78 RMX) by Gaga & Mateo!
11 Technophobia by Deep Dimension
12 Lizard (Andrea Signore RMX) by Mauro Picotto
13 Emotion by Andrea Signore
14 Devoted by Devid Dega & Dok & Martin
15 The Prophecy by Roentgen Limiter
16 Base One by Konrad
17 Push On by Pig & Dan
18 Dmt (Andrea Signore RMX) by Durtysoxxx & Nihil Young
19 Cosmic Connection by Danny Fontana & Lazar
20 Future by DJOKO & Oliver Carloni
21 Boys Interface (The Lost Park Mix) by Rob Janssen
22 The God Of Olympus by Beico & MT93
23 Empire II by Niereich & Hackler & Kuch
24 Hybrid by Raffaele Rizzi
25 Dark Matter by The YellowHeads
26 Clock Storm by Lazar & Danny Fontana
27 Between Now and Never by Dave Sinner
28 Future by DJOKO & Oliver Carloni
29 Themis by MiSinki, Sall & Stefano Pelle
30 Exe by The YellowHeads
31 Out Of Time by Diatek
32 Brett by Andreas Kraemer & Niereich
33 Take This (T78 RMX) by Erik Erixon
34 Trance by Dino Maggiorana
35 Synergy (Sisko Electrofanatik RMX) by Filterheadz
36 Aventador by Hell Driver
37 C166W by Joyhauser
38 Get You by Hell Driver
39 Bombastik by John P
40 Entropy by Joyhauser
41 Luxury (Diatek RMX) by Luix Spectrum
42 The Kindred by Joyhauser
43 Eye is Key by Reinier Zonneveld
44 Steroide by Lukas Freudenberger & Unmensch
45 Upside Down by Nicolas Taboada
46 Saw (Roentgen Limiter RMX) by AKKON
47 Back Into Consciousness by Spektre
48 King Randor (Filterheadz RMX) by T78
49 Ethereal Resonance by Danny Fontana & Lazar
50 Techno is of the Essence (Alex Di Stefano RMX) by The Reactivitz
51 The Yard Man by SRVD
52 Take Control by ROBPM
53 Black Talon by Niereich
54 No Disgrace by Deep Dimension
55 So 1992 (Radio Slave & P.Leone RMX) by Deep Dimension
56 The Rhythm by Din
57 The Sound by DJ Jordan
58 Jealousy by H! DUDE
59 Up In The Air (T78 RMX) by DJ Jordan
60 Soulburner by Luix Spectrum
61 Bladerunner by Lunatique Sublime
62 Because I (NoCure RMX) by Patrick Esrever
63 Boys Interface (Deep Dimension RMX) by Rob Janssen
64 Slum Dogs (Atze Ton RMX) by Eugen Kunz & Cristian Glitch
65 When I Rock (Thomas Schumacher RMX) by Thomas Schumacher
66 End Of The World by Emy & CHRS
67 Nobody Listen to Techno (Unreleased Deep Dish Mix) by Eminem
68 I Give You by KICKREY
69 La Dcima (Niereich RMX) by DJ Emerson
70 4 Walls by Luix Spectrum
71 Protect the Prophecy by Dax J
72 MK Ultra by Luix Spectrum & Matt Mus
73 Energy by DJOKO
74 Move Your Body To The Beat by Reinier Zonneveld
75 Anasthasia 2019 (Falhaber RMX) by T99
76 Ready To Wake Up by KLAMER
77 Resistance by KUSP (UK)
78 Offending Public Morality by Dax J
79 Program Your Fate (Remastered 2018) by The Mover
80 Speedball by Dax J
81 Dreams (Shiva's Club Cut) by Miss Shiva
82 LD50 by Falhaber
83 Lost In Love (Paul Janes RMX) by Legend B


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