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Genaside II - Death Of The Kamikazee (Eye Left My Wallet In Brixton Kentucky Mix)
Incubus - The Soul
Bazz - House Of Pax (Sanchid Mix) (1990)
Friends Of Matthew - Out There (Garage Mix)
Digital Orgasm - Moog Eruption 
R.J's RULE - Rave This Nation (1991)
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia
Trancemission - No More Mindgames
U.H.F.- Everything (1991)
Bizarre Inc - Plutonic (1991)
Hole In One - X-Paradise
T78 - Man-At-Arms 
T78 & Sisko Electrofanatik - Loud 
U.H.F - U.H.F. (1991)


1 Death Of The Kamikazee (Eye Left My Wallet In Brixton Kentucky Mix) by Genaside II
2 The Soul by Incubus
3 House Of Pax (Sanchid Mix) (1990) by Bazz
4 Out There (Garage Mix) by Friends Of Matthew
5 Moog Eruption by Digital Orgasm
6 Rave This Nation (1991) by R.J's RULE
7 Quadrophonia by Quadrophonia
8 No More Mindgames by Trancemission
9 Everything (1991) by U.H.F.
10 Plutonic (1991) by Bizarre Inc
11 XParadise by Hole In One
12 ManAtArms by T78
13 Loud by T78 & Sisko Electrofanatik
14 U.H.F. (1991) by U.H.F
15 Twistoid by T78
16 Drumattack by Jambo
17 Lay Down by ROBPM
18 XTC Vol.3 (Immaginazione Mix) by Fabio Locati
19 Dark Light by A*S*Y*S & Dominik Schwarz
20 Daje by MOTVS & T78
21 The Shadow (Mozzy Rekorder RMX) by Dok & Martin
22 Direct (Indepth RMX) by Dj Jordan
23 XTC Vol.4 (1994) by Fabio Locati
24 Apotheosis by Embargo
25 Can The Rhythm (Fabio Locati Mix) by Roberto Milani
26 Orgasmico by Ramirez
27 La Muerte by Indepth
28 Atomic Brain (100V Mix`91) by Atomic Brain
29 Temperature Rising by Mall Grab
30 X Project by O.O.M ‎
31 Stopp & Go (2001) by Mirko Milano
32 Driving Force (Indepth RMX) by Dj Jordan & Droplex
33 Hysterie (Live Mix) by Embargo
34 Le Dormeur (Frederic De Backer & DJ HS RMX) (2002) by Pleasure Game
35 31 Seconds by Next III
36 Scream by Embargo
37 Come with Me by Indepth
38 High Volume by Next
39 To You by Outlander
40 Peacehead (1991) by U.H.F.
41 Navigator by Tellurians
42 I'm Still Looking At The Moon by OPOSITION
43 James Brown Is Dead (Gary D. Deadly Hard Mix) by H.A.Z.A.R.D.
44 Can you hear me by Alignment
45 Was Guckst Du Lan? (Club Bass Mix) by Fladenbrot
46 Natural System (Strong Mix) by Hyper Space
47 Pleasures Of The Highest Sense by Next
48 Fuck You Up by Overdog
49 Purrrr... (Dub Mix) (1993) by The King Of House
50 Ghetto by DYEN
51 Dancefloor Pleasure by OPOSITION
52 Blackout by Daniele Mondello
53 Nation House by Fabio Locati ‎
54 QT 13 by Activator
55 Water Please by Nico Moreno & Dyen
56 Thunderground by Darkraver & Dj Vince
57 Tornado by Daniele Mondello
58 Transformed Temple (RMX) by Next
59 Don't You Wanna Dance by JKS
60 Gotta Let You Go by DYEN
61 Deal Wit' Beats by Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo
62 Rave Against The Machines by BXTR
63 Under Pressure by Mix
64 Bad Seduction by Nico Moreno
65 Do You Understand (Techno Warrior RMX) by Headstrong Force
66 Roll 'n Rock by Jan Vercauteren
67 Mosquito (1993) by Maurizio Braccagni
68 Our Reservation by Desperation
69 Dysfunction by Jan Vercauteren
70 Brrr by Dyewitness
71 Angels (DrMacabre RMX) by Celsius
72 Black Eyes by Jan Vercauteren
73 James Brown Is Dead (2K10 RMX) by Adrenalin Dj'z
74 Exterminate / Energize by Next IV
75 Please Don't Stop by Jan Vercauteren
76 Anotherdream by Clair
77 Lock On Target by Disintegrator


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