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Jaime Galvez - Criogenesis 
Stranger - Crossover 
Powell - I Am Ready (Paul Hutsch Mix)
N.O.B.A - Turn It Up 
Andy Mart - Paint 
Sopik - Resistance (Haze - C RMX)
H! Dude - Mr Drugs 
Daniela Hensel & Leandro Taibbi - Dark Vibes From Our Soul (N.O.B.A RMX)
X&trick - Cold, True
KOSZMAR - L' Épée De Damoclès 
Sina XX & Munsinger - Diktator Sequenz (Terror Mix) 
Auspex - Deus Ex
Balagan - Power of The Pill 
Melanie Di Tria - Noise Unit


1 Criogenesis by Jaime Galvez
2 Crossover by Stranger
3 I Am Ready (Paul Hutsch Mix) by Powell
4 Turn It Up by N.O.B.A
5 Paint by Andy Mart
6 Resistance (Haze C RMX) by Sopik
7 Mr Drugs by H! Dude
8 Dark Vibes From Our Soul (N.O.B.A RMX) by Daniela Hensel & Leandro Taibbi
9 Cold, True by X&trick
10 L' Épée De Damoclès by KOSZMAR
11 Diktator Sequenz (Terror Mix) by Sina XX & Munsinger
12 Deus Ex by Auspex
13 Power of The Pill by Balagan
14 Noise Unit by Melanie Di Tria
15 Mercy by DYEN
16 Traxx Noise Tool (Technoboy RMX) by K
17 Brainwash by Deep Dimension
18 Banks by Fenrick
19 reset your mind (Neo RMX) by kai jaxx & hyper
20 Existence by Nico Bondi
21 Bad Boy by Axel Picodot
22 Eurojet by Amour Noir
23 Understood (Randall Red Zap Mix) by Must
24 God Stepped Out On Space (1992) by Overmind
25 Northern Guardian by Ossian
26 Hysteria by Joe Inferno
27 Around by Basswell
28 Wowy Zowy by Stomach Basher
29 The Ride by Digital Boy
30 Vibes Trauma (Kathy's Dream Mix) by D
31 Dance or Die by Sylvie Maziarz
32 Zombies In The Mist by Stomach Basher
33 Space to Relax by ÜED FREQUENCY
34 Revolution by O.N.L
35 The End Of Times by CYNKT
36 Fahrenheit by The KGB's
37 Persona Non Grata by Sekulahr
38 Body And You by CLINICAL HATES
40 Skinhunter by X&trick
41 Music Is The Drug by Lee Haslam
42 Raduga by Tanzkarte
43 Under Pressure by Mix
44 Ideology by X&trick
45 Who Is Calling (Zenith DJ Mix) by Tatarola
46 TUTB by Rephex
47 Recactussed by Repulsive 2
48 Devastating by Andy Farley & BK
49 Trak 2 by Sabretooth
50 Form Ranks by MORSURE
51 909 Tune (1992) by Master Techno
52 Ready to Blast (ABSNTMNDED RMX) by WZX_O
53 United Under Darkness by David LaFhionntain
54 Coke cos I Learn 2 Cope by Captain Tinrib
55 Rotterdam by Bald Terror
57 Brrr by Dyewitness
58 Pulverisation by K Ø Z L Ø V
59 Celebration Generation by Westbam
60 Blue Lights by Adrian Mills
61 Brainwashkiller by T.N.T.
62 Go Deh Yaka by Mix
63 Sidechain Massacre by CLOSURE & ÆNZØ
64 El Punto Final (Power Mix) by Final Analyzis
65 Böwörötää by LOOPER
66 XTC Vol. 1 (Rotterdam Mix) by Fabio Locati & Maurizio Braccagni
68 You Make Me Feel So Goood! (Whippenberg RMX) by DJ Thoka ‎
69 Tryhard by SARELL
70 Psychotic Break (1993) by Critical Mass
71 The First Breath by Ravemasters
72 Get The Hook (Ilsa Gold RMX) by House Pimps
73 M.O.T.U. (Formek RMX) by Ravemasters
74 Return of the Cyborg Unknown by Cyborg Unknown
75 Pump This Party by Jakka B
76 Valley of the Shadows by Origin Unknown
77 Drunken Piece of Shit (Mix 1) by Pack
78 Graz by X&Trick
79 Solid Kick by Mix
80 Gent by X&Trick


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