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Human Resource - 2B Free
Human Resource - Take Pills
Tricky Disco - Disco 130 (Sonic Assault Mix)
Human Resource - The Joke (RMX)
Private Productions - Git Ya Some More (1992)
80 AUM - Mindcontroller (Obscure FM RMX)
The Prodigy - Android
Human Resource - Dominator (RMX)
Time Zone - The World Of God
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (AWeX RMX)
Ravebusters - Mitrax (Aqualite RMX)
THE KING OF HOUSE - Bonus (1993)
44.1 K-Hurts - Dissolution
Roel Butzen - The Violent Wake Up


1 2B Free by Human Resource
2 Take Pills by Human Resource
3 Disco 130 (Sonic Assault Mix) by Tricky Disco
4 The Joke (RMX) by Human Resource
5 Git Ya Some More (1992) by Private Productions
6 Mindcontroller (Obscure FM RMX) by AUM
7 Android by The Prodigy
8 Dominator (RMX) by Human Resource
9 The World Of God by Time Zone
10 Quadrophonia (AWeX RMX) by Quadrophonia
11 Mitrax (Aqualite RMX) by Ravebusters
12 Bonus (1993) by THE KING OF HOUSE
13 Hurts Dissolution by 1 K
14 The Violent Wake Up by Roel Butzen
15 House Train by House Train
16 Funky (Flashman Slaughter Mix) by Funny F
17 Zip by The Aggressor
18 Ite I Keep Going On by X
19 This Is Not a Mindtrip by Air Liquide
20 ARena Time Problem by Recall
21 Are You Happy? (Silent Breed RMX) by N.U.K.E
22 Hey Hey (1992) by Next III
23 Mindshift by Wavegenerator
24 Phuture by Futurhythm
25 Subplate by DJ PMC
26 Go! by Avancada
27 Workstation (M.I.K.E.'s Energized RMX) by DJ Looney Tune
28 Revolution by Trippex
29 The Fly by Soundsignal
30 Gods Of House by Monastic Project
31 Planet Hunter by Third Man
32 Out There (1992) by Next
33 Ammo by DYEN
34 Big Brother (Heavy Mix) by Alien Factory
35 Charge 2 by DJ Gius
36 Dimension of The Doomed by Frozen & DrMacabre
37 The King by The Cave
38 2020 Is Elevate by Blicz
39 Modulator by Church Of Extacy
40 Mix Age by Strong Heads
41 Mind by Pyrate
42 Smudge by The Aggressor
43 Devil Talks by Julian Muller
44 Dragnet by Hiroshima
45 Hypnotize U by Secret Society
46 Future Sound (2 Bad Mice RMX) by Phuture Assasins
47 The Prophet by CJ Bolland
48 Inner Cycle by Genlog
49 Public Rave by Frogman
50 Kidnap by Human Resource
51 Festa Italiani by Fiamma
52 Beyond the Edge by Human Resource
53 Overwhelming Rain (Jones & Stephenson Mix) by Franky Jones
54 Extrem by Terra Wuzza
55 The Sound of Rotterdam by Human Resource
56 Can We Help You by The Classic Men
57 Noise GRave by G
58 Mutha Fucka House by Casa
59 Rage Of The Machine by Dj Randy
60 Touch the Sky by Marc Acardipane


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