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Liaison D. - He Chilled Out (Club Mix) (1990)
Cold Sensation ‎– Liquid Empire.(Silent Mix) (1990)
33 1/3 Queen - Searchin'
KlangKuenstler - It's The Inside
Anthrophia - Anthrophia 
The Mackenzie - Space Luxury
WildChild - Renegade Master 
R.J's RULE - Rave This Nation (1991)
Tecno Flight 1 - Fuck You!
Lazar - Chemical Mantra
.236 - Glove Action
Liaisons D. - !Por La Patria!
Low Atomic Style - Atomic Playboy (ReRemix)


1 He Chilled Out (Club Mix) (1990) by Liaison D.
2 Liquid Empire.(Silent Mix) (1990) by Cold Sensation ‎
3 Searchin' by 1/3 Queen
4 It's The Inside by KlangKuenstler
5 Anthrophia by Anthrophia
6 Space Luxury by The Mackenzie
7 Renegade Master by WildChild
8 Rave This Nation (1991) by R.J's RULE
9 Fuck You! by Tecno Flight 1
10 Chemical Mantra by Lazar
11 Glove Action by 236
12 !Por La Patria! by Liaisons D.
13 Atomic Playboy (ReRemix) by Low Atomic Style
14 Reincarnation by Jay Lumen
15 Park People by Adam Beyer
16 Hardcore by T78, Dino Maggiorana
17 Valhalla by AKKI
18 Hexahedron by Dilemma
19 Gazza by Andromeda
20 Hydro (Sam Arsh RMX) by DREIAN
21 Let the Bass be Louder by Bass Boy
22 Church Of Extacy (Confess To The Acid RMX) by C of E
23 Precaution (RMX) by Low Atomic Style
24 Believe It by Matteo Vitanza
25 X Be The One by REMY
26 Stakker Humanoid (Smart Systems RMX) by Humanoid
27 Story (Angy Kore RMX) by Kurt Leon
28 One Finger by DJ One Finger
29 Chemical (Luix Spectrum Break RMX) by Atze Ton
30 Swamp by Influid
31 Ever Gone by Alignment
32 Posession by RHC
33 Invisible Fire by Sina XX & Munsinger
34 Gate 212 by BLICZ
35 Rave With Us (Acid Mix) by Mätäsism & Mattia Trani
36 Titanic (1996) by The KGB's
37 Basic Rave Instict by MTH
38 Thrilling Sin by Hyden
39 Dysphonia by Dykore
40 R.I.P. (Rave in Perpetuum) by Clouds
41 Requiem For A Dream by Kozlov
42 Nu Dawn by Øccult
43 What's The Situation by Knight Phantom
44 The Edge by Rave Cavity
45 Mentalized by The Globe
46 South Beach Burnin Bins (Clouds RMX) by Tommy Holohan
47 'Ard Corr by Well Ard
48 Night Shift (Esther Duijn RMX) by REMY X
49 Mo District by Nasty Django
50 Around by Basswell
51 Overdub by Test
52 La Sirena by Aqua Contact
53 My Bass (Acid Step Mix) by Brain Ovulation
54 Rumble by Cancel
55 The 90s Are Back by POLHØ
56 Uirusu by Fraktur
57 Transcendance by MTT
58 Strife by LEMANE
59 The Journey (Hardstyle Mix) by Surrounder
60 Brand by VINYA
61 ATM Card Suspended by Bours?
62 As Long As You Remember by Hyden
63 Introspective II (Tranceman2000 RMX) by Tranceman2000
64 Killing Memories by Hyden
65 Mind Expander One by The Montini Experience
66 Polarizedes by Hyden
67 Inner Earth by Brecc
68 Eternity by Miss Djax
70 Alerte Rouge by ACOUPHÈNES
71 Strobe Light Kiss by LANDI
72 Noise Is The Message! by Hardsequencer
73 Braineater by Influx
74 Wrath by LEMANE
75 Pump This Party by Rutger S.
76 Blob by Defcon 2
77 Rave Speed by Neagles
78 Ich hasse dich by Sutura
79 Should Have Been Smarter by English Muffin
80 140 Hours by CRAWAL
82 Let It Roar by Nasty Django
83 Goodfellas by Gangsta Trax
84 Anti Original by Boom Terrorism
85 Das Model (Brutalismus 3000 Hardtrance Cover) by Kraftwerk
86 Squash The Floor by Tellurian
87 Ø Chøsen by Chosen Few
88 Rave Controller by Sigma 909
89 Return Of A Looney by Renata Riccardi
90 Don't Waste Your Time by Skorpus Ravers & Cyntex
91 FuckedUp Motherfuckers by Tellurian
92 XTR Experiment by Jappo & Lancinhouse
93 Zlam by Chosen Few
94 Name Of The DJ (Outside Agency Mix) by Chosen Few
95 Frankfurt, This Is ... by Illegal Alien
96 The Night Of The Monkeys by Narcanosis
97 Sack The Terminator by Hellfish
98 Walk With Me by Peckerhead
99 Mokum Madness by Spoetnik


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