105 one year ago
Trilithon - children of the future
Can-D Music - Navigator (Short Mix)
Fabietto DJ - Elektromaniac 
Zenith DJ - God Has Spoken
Technoboy - The Future (Gius Dark RMX)
Synergy @ Work - Experiment (Dorian Gray Mix)
Cominotto - Tyson (Devastated Mix)
Barabas & OD1 - Deeper (The Dentist RMX)
Tenth Chapter - Wired (Stonk RMX)
Arrakis - The Spice 
The Hose - Timewarp [K-Traxx RMX)
Digger - Church Of Ra (1999)
Terra V. - Vibes Of Terra V (Roger P. Shah RMX)
Odyssey Of Light - Metal Master


1 children of the future by Trilithon
2 D Music Navigator (Short Mix) by Can
3 Elektromaniac by Fabietto DJ
4 God Has Spoken by Zenith DJ
5 The Future (Gius Dark RMX) by Technoboy
6 Experiment (Dorian Gray Mix) by Synergy @ Work
7 Tyson (Devastated Mix) by Cominotto
8 Deeper (The Dentist RMX) by Barabas & OD1
9 Wired (Stonk RMX) by Tenth Chapter
10 The Spice by Arrakis
11 Timewarp [KTraxx RMX) by The Hose
12 Church Of Ra (1999) by Digger
13 Vibes Of Terra V (Roger P. Shah RMX) by Terra V.
14 Metal Master by Odyssey Of Light
15 The Game (Iridium Gold RMX) by Ricci & Moratto
16 Drugs (Dj Wag RMX) by Yakooza
17 Church Of House by Perplexer
18 Blind Vision by Alex Butcher
19 Modulo (Modulo One Vrs) by J.T.S.
20 Reset Your Mind (Dj Neo RMX) by Kai Jaxx & Hyper
21 Emotional Overload (Onda Del Futuro RMX) by The Highlander
22 The Virus (XPress Mix) by De Donatis
23 Fate by De Leon
24 Stormtrooper by S.O.D.
25 Go Back by Norman DJ
26 Are Am Eye? (The Dentist RMX) by Commander Tom
27 Understood (Dave Randall Red Zap Mix) by Must
28 Atlantis (Under the Waves Version) by Luca Zeta
29 20,000 Hardcore Members by Ed Real & The Coalition
30 Dragon's Lair (Gius Metallic Mix) by Klone
31 Illusion by Kronos
32 Revolution by BK
33 Bring The Beat Back by Tony De Vit
34 Souls of the Tribe Remixes (The Dentist RMX) by DJ Paola
35 Hybridize by Lee Pasch
36 Bulgarian (Paul Maddox RMX) by Travel
37 One Millions Faces by Incisions
38 Beat On Repeat by Drivium
39 Party People by Rumble & Maddox
40 Test (TNT RMX) by Controller
41 That's Hardcore by Interface
42 Never Lost His Hardcore by Nick Sentience
43 Drums by Iain Cross
44 Lux Aeterna (Requiem For A Dream) by Subi
45 Such A Good Feelin' (Lee Haslam & Guyver RMX) by Miss Behavin'
46 Eternal 99 (BK & dBm In2Orbit Mix) by Eternal Rhythm
47 Who is Elvis? (TDV Mix) by Phenomania
48 Trak 2 by Sabretooth
49 Injected With a Poision (Baby Doc RMX) by Praga Khan
50 Delicious by Bush Babies
51 Annihilation by Ian M
52 ReCycled by Eskimo
53 Land Of The Pharaohs (Carbon Based RMX) by The Mexican
54 This Is My Groove by Marco Bailey
55 The Mystic Culture by Da Hooligan
56 Da Capo (Cherrymoon RMX) by Perplexer
57 Flug 303 by Cirillo


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