127 one year ago
Stomper & Basscar - Die Steigung
REMY X - Be The One
H! Dude - A.C.!.D 
KUSP - Inflammation 
Balagan - Power of The Pill 
The Hose - Timewarp (K-Traxx RMX)
Fractions - NITE NRG
Parallx - Tuathal
KARENZ - Pounded Strap
Fractions - Do You Believe 
Cyborg 5 - Ruffbeats
JKS - Retro Blaster 
SDBX - Stupid Sucker 
4 Navigators & DJ Vortex - Is Dead


1 Die Steigung by Stomper & Basscar
2 Be The One by REMY X
3 A.C.!.D by H! Dude
4 Inflammation by KUSP
5 Power of The Pill by Balagan
6 Timewarp (KTraxx RMX) by The Hose
7 NITE NRG by Fractions
8 Tuathal by Parallx
9 Pounded Strap by KARENZ
10 Do You Believe by Fractions
11 Ruffbeats by Cyborg 5
12 Retro Blaster by JKS
13 Stupid Sucker by SDBX
14 Is Dead by Navigators & DJ Vortex
15 And A Light Blinded Us by Hioll
16 This Is Religion by Remco Beekwilder
17 New Style by Atlantic Wave
18 Ecstasy by Sleeps Everywhere
19 25Six by Dano & Marzz
20 Now by Zenith DJ
21 Spoutnik by Trym
22 Bangin Man by Citizen
23 When I Rock by Thomas Schumacher
24 The Music by DJ Vortex
25 Up In Jam by Fatima Hajji
26 Son of Satan by Desiderius
27 It's Like XTC by Miro
28 Bang My Head by Dyen
29 Stabbing Energy by WAST
30 Panic Room by Dana
31 Wrong Is Right by YÅ
32 Tank Walk On Base by C
33 Gnome Club by Hellfish
34 Lux Aeterna (Requiem For A Dream) by Subi
35 Shining by Miro
36 Beautiful Symphony (Super Dynamite Mix) (1992) by T.vee
37 Screaming [RPTCH11] by AnD
38 Technoloide (Hard Mix) by Drumteck Brothers
39 Chemical Attack (Veronique RMX) by JASSASS
40 Deal Wit' Beats by Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo
41 Bounty Hunter by Pawlowski
42 Tyranny V.X. by XXX
43 Ready to Blast (ABSNTMNDED RMX) by WZX_O
44 Pump It Up by Tassid & Eski
45 Land Of The Pharaohs (Carbon Based RMX) by The Mexican
46 What's That Sound by VCL
47 Brrr by Dyewitness
48 Pulverisation by KØZLØV
49 Better Than Yours by VCL
50 La Musica Del Futuro by Tuneboy
51 Energizer by VCL
52 The Hunky by English Muffin
53 Eternal Possession by PAWLOWSKI
54 Still Dominating by Miss Djax & Human Resource
55 The Show by Dana & Chronotrigger
56 Dibby Sound by Svetec
57 Lock On Target by Disintegrator
58 Stereo Destroyer by Miss Djax & Human Resource & Marshall Masters
59 Remember Us by Hast
60 Operation Smackdown (Rave Mix) by Pawlowski
61 Bounce and Shake by Cixx & Vinyl Junk
62 Pump This Party by Rutger S.
63 Flug 303 by Cirillo
64 Strange Invaders (RMX) by Biochip C
65 Attention by YÅ
66 Pro Parade by Cirillo
67 Look at this thing by Nico Bondi & Save Me
68 Welcome Too Hell by Pandemonium
69 Five Sekonds by Gabbaextended
70 Havin' Sex by Steve Shit
71 Go Out Of Your Mind by Pineapple Jack
72 Bonzai (1993) by Hard Attack
73 Party by Terragon
74 Bonzai Channel One (VCL EDIT) by Thunderball
75 Some sort of pil by Acid Heads
76 Let it Roarrr! (Django's Coolio 95) by Nasty Django
77 Two Times by Walter One
78 Polaris (RMX`96) by Technological terror crew
79 Let The Dope Get In Your Soul by Scarface
80 Tank House Hallucination by C
81 Wax What Is Wrong With Me by E
82 Hardcore Traveller by Clone I.D.
83 Wooh! by Too Fast For Mellow
84 Genetic Waste by Genetic Waste
85 Skunk by Wargroover
86 Motherfuckin Breakbeat by Hardliners
87 Brain Crash by Hardsequencer
88 Do That Dance by Pineapple Jack
89 Best In The West (John Wayne Mix) by Dano
90 Fuck your System (1996) by Technological Terror Crew
91 I Control Your Body by Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee
92 Hardcore machine by Mad Dog & AniMe
93 Do What You Like by Skorp & Chronotrigger
95 They're Back by Sauerkraut
96 Party! by Chosen Few
97 Fast Life by TYRANT
98 Brain Wave (1996) by Diplomat
99 To Da Rythm by Lenny Dee & Dark Raver
100 909 Hit Me 1 Time by Rob Gee
101 Purgatory Power by Deathsquad
102 Listen Carefully by R. Wagner
103 Mind winder (Pure Mix) (1997) by Diplomat
104 Reset by Mad Dog
105 Techno city by Hellfish
106 Drama UK by Hellfish
107 UK Fresh (1996) by Technological Terror Crew
108 Terraforming (1996) by Wargroover
109 Ad Da by The Original Gabber
110 Cool and the deadly (1996) by Diplomat
111 Talking About God by Igor
112 My 909 by Rob Gee
113 True Creators Part II by Dj Producer
114 Rise Of The Uptempians by Hellfish & Akira


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