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Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli - Drums Of Passion
VDT - Brainstorming
Sound Factory - Understand This Groove (Xtatic Mix)
Techno Grooves - Techno Slam
Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli - Just To Please You
Technico - Lost Energy
Aquastep - Oempa Loempa
No 4mat - 1992
Obstruction - I Want You Forever
Energy Storm - Darkness Beyond
Andrea Signore - The Awaken (Teenage Mutants RMX)
2 In Progress - We Control (Murphy Controls the Dub)
Klangkuenstler - Eternum 


1 Drums Of Passion by Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli
2 Brainstorming by VDT
3 Understand This Groove (Xtatic Mix) by Sound Factory
4 Techno Slam by Techno Grooves
5 Just To Please You by Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli
6 Lost Energy by Technico
7 Oempa Loempa by Aquastep
8 1992 by No 4mat
9 I Want You Forever by Obstruction
10 Darkness Beyond by Energy Storm
11 The Awaken (Teenage Mutants RMX) by Andrea Signore
12 We Control (Murphy Controls the Dub) by In Progress
13 Eternum by Klangkuenstler
14 SpaceSjaal ('92 UK Rave edit) by Deep Dimension
15 Momentum by Teenage Mutants & Twin Mix Trip
16 fulminic by Exposure
17 Throw Your Hands Up by Intellect
18 King Of My Castle (Roy Malone's King Mix) by Wamdue Project
19 Let The Bass Kick by Egma
20 Back Into Consciousness by Spektre
21 The First Rebirth (Davinson RMX) by Jones & Stephenson
22 Pantagruel by Dusty Kid
23 Power Transfer by Carlos Peron
24 Question (Motvs RMX) by Fatima Hajji
25 No Way Out (Nikita Mix) by Francesco Zappala
26 Dancer Grab The Beat (Joey Beltram Mix) by E
27 Let Me Take You To The Beach (NoiseGate Mix), by Jarvic 7
28 Do You know (Peter Effe RMX) by Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita
29 Rave On by Mätäsism
30 Xparadise by Hole In One
31 Energy Flow Eternal (Meister Mix) by JL
32 Hard Advisor by Manuel Di Martino
33 Hard Nova by Deep Dimension
34 Hexenmeister by Klangkuenstler
35 In Secret by Indepth
36 Onryo (Obscure Shape & SHDW RMX) by Introversion
37 Amen (Syrynx Mix) by Pelgrim
38 Rave & Dance by Mätäsism
39 Bountyhunter by Dj Bountyhunter
40 Fusion (1997) by DJ Randy
41 Eh Eh Eh by Angy Kore & Steve Shaden
42 Space Odyssey by Klasic & Sanders
43 Fallin Into by Borai
44 The Shot by Le Sphinx
45 Talking In Technicolor (Monsieur Nobody RMX) by LØUISE
46 South Beach Burnin Bins by Tommy Holohan
47 Cosmotrash by Trashman
48 Up In Jam by Fatima Hajji
49 Freakuency (Technoboy & Tuneboy Mix) by TNT
50 Louder (Hennes & Cold RMX) by JamX & DeLeon & Tom Wax
51 Replicants by Hang The DJ
52 Baby Jazmin by Fatima Hajji
53 Diable Jambe by Narciss
54 In Da Club by Bours?
55 Hey, Heeey by PG2
56 Energy Overload (Acid Changes Mix) by Rave Crusader
57 Hot High by Thotful Spot
58 Galerie Terror by Brutalismus 3000
59 When Evil Returns by Dano & Nico
60 Humanoid by Warpcore
61 Kick It by Falhaber
62 Like This by Thoqy
63 Unwitting Legacy by MORSURE & SPØRE
64 Fear Factory (Brain Ovulation RMX) by Tetoh
65 Are U Aware by Space Cadet
66 Whop Your Body (RMX)(1993) by Unison
67 Obsession by Blue Calx
68 Another Day by Clouds
69 Mock Moon by Genlog
70 Hostile Attitude by WZX_O
71 House Is Mine (Baby Doc RMX) by The Hypnotist
72 Termination ZX by No Man's Land
73 Sens Contraire by JAЁSS
74 Bam La Casa by Bam
75 Decay Parade by STYGIAN
76 Da Bellz by Chosen Few
77 Master Machine by Dano & Nico
78 Utter (Hardcore Power RMX) by King Dale
79 L'Éveil De L'Homme by KOSZMAR
80 Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter) by Tschabos
81 Kickin' Therapy by NC1N
82 Gabbish by SAVAGERY
83 Total Despise by DARKRAW
84 All You Motherfuckers by Chosen Few
85 Stereo (Freestyle Mix) by Radical Motion
86 Bring The Beat Back by Chosen Few
87 Rougher & Tougher by The Director
88 Der Computer Ist Tot by Narcanosis


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